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To: President Donald Trump

Rename Dulles airport the Eleanor Roosevelt Airport (ERA)

There are zero major airports in the US named for a woman - nor is there an Equal Rights Amendment in the Constitution. Eleanor Roosevelt was the longest-serving first lady, a tireless champion of human rights, and an expert diplomat who to this day is well-loved around the world. Roosevelt's accomplishments and leadership epitomize what is best about the USA.

John Foster Dulles' has had his (somewhat questionable) legacy of service to the country honored for over 50 years. And Washington, DC's other airport is named after a fellow republican Ronald Reagan.

Let's commemorate Eleanor Roosevelt's unparalleled contributions to the health of our democracy by naming an airport after her.

It's way past time for an ERA!

Why is this important?

There are no major airports named after women in the United States nor has Eleanor Roosevelt gotten the recognition she deserves for her leadership on many issues.



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