To: The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

Repeal the Faircloth Amendment.

Homelessness has grown a lot since 1999, when the Faircloth Amendment passed to limit construction of new low income housing. More low income housing equals less homelessness.

Why is this important?

I live in low-income housing. Seattle rents are among the highest in the nation, and my heart breaks at the long waiting lists (up to 4 years) for people to get into low-income housing, while those on the streets struggle to survive. And yet low-income housing is stuck at 1999 levels.
“Faircloth Limit” Unit Counts - Section 9(g) (3) of the United States Housing Act of 1937("Faircloth Amendment") limits the construction of new public housing units. The Faircloth Amendment states that the Department cannot fund the construction or operation of new public housing units with Capital or Operating Funds if the construction of those units would result in a net increase in the number of units the PHA-owned, assisted or operated as of October 1, 1999. This requirement is referred to as the “Faircloth Limit.” PHAs should review the linked National List of Maximum Number of Units Eligible for Capital Funding and Operating Subsidy by PHA (PDF).

All congress needs to do is repeal this cruel law of which most people are not aware.


Reasons for signing

  • One has to wonder why this amendment was done in the first place with such insane wordage and why Congress hasn't done something to repeal it.
  • There is a tremendous housing shortage and public housing is much needed. And there are middle class communities that detest the very thought of public housing anywhere near their zone. If the government doesn't help homelessness will increase across america.
  • We need public housing. Market based policies have failed to meet US housing needs. European cities like Vienna have shown that, done right, social housing can be a real solution to the housing crisis. Housing is a right. Markets do not care about rights. They only care about money.

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