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To: Mayor Greg Fischer, Mayor of the City Of Louisville

Replace The Face of Hate

With all the arguing and the city being slow to remove the statues found offensive from public lands, we propose to chop off the heads of these statues and replace them with the head of someone we can be proud to have in our town. Please join us in demanding the city of Louisville be swift and honor the wishes of its people. Who would you like to see honored?

Why is this important?

Instead of using city funds to remove offensive statues from public areas, and even more city founds to replace them, why not just chop off their heads and for a fraction of the cost and replace the heads with people more worthy to honor?
It's expensive to remove statues, and even more expensive to replace them with someone worthy.. Our solution on how to replace these offensive statues cheaply and quickly and still have the opportunity to correct history and honor someone worthy is to chop off the head of the statue of someone not worthy and replace it with a head of a Louisvillian we can be proud of.
It could be a celebrated ongoing project in town. Something just "Keep Louisville Weird" enough to embrace, but would save money in a time of huge budget deficits and something to use as a tool to spread good social justice.