To: Rep. Ken Calvert (CA-42)

Representative Ken Calvert: Give the $61,125 you received from the NRA to victims of gun violence.

The National Rifle Association has contributed large amounts of money to many members of Congress, including my Representative, Ken Calvert. Rep. Calvert received $61,125 in support from the NRA and members of its staff. Every time there's a mass killing by firearms like those that happened over the past couple of weeks, they say "now's not the time" to talk about sensible gun control, they (the victims) need our prayers and support. I say NOW is the time so we don't keep having mass victims that need praying over.

Why is this important?

I lost 2 beloved family members to people who should never have had access to firearms, let alone military style weapons. I lost my grandmother to her abusive husband because she couldn't take the abuse anymore and left him so he ambushed and murdered her. I lost my uncle to the drunk in the apartment above him because the shooter was drunk and showing off his new high power rifle to his girlfriend. My dad was sitting next to my uncle when the bullet came through the ceiling. I can tell you first hand that losing a loved one at the hands of someone who should never have access to these weapons leaves a pain in your soul that I would never wish on anyone and the surviving family members are left with that pain for the rest of their lives.
We need a comprehensive plan to prevent firearms from getting into the hands of people who have a history of violence, anger issues, alcohol & drug issues and mental health issues that causes one to be a danger to themselves or others. We need proper training and "extreme vetting" before someone can purchase a firearm. We need to close the loopholes that allow people to circumvent the laws to obtain firearms. We need legislation that blocks people with certain mental illnesses from having access to these weapons. We need to block the sale of military assault weapons, silencers and armor piercing bullets. We need lawmakers to stop selling themselves to the NRA.