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To: Republicans in Congress

Republicans must denounce Putin and his war

Putin is a dictator whose aggressive decision to launch a violent war could cost many lives, devastate a country, and destabilize the global economy. Yet most Republicans in Congress are staying silent. Every Republican must speak up and publicly, forcefully denounce Putin and his war.

Why is this important?

Vladimir Putin is an authoritarian who has trampled the rights of the Russian people for decades. And now he has initiated an aggressive war in Ukraine that's costing lives, devastating the country, and destabilizing the global economy.

So it shouldn't be hard for Republican leaders to denounce him. Yet many are silent about the war in Ukraine and Putin's dictatorial actions—and some are even praising him.


Because Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, Steve Bannon, and others have decided to celebrate Putin's tyranny and politics.

Every Republican should clearly, publicly, and forcibly denounce Putin's authoritarian actions and his violent, unnecessary war.


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