To: President Donald Trump, The New Jersey State House, The New Jersey State Senate, Governor Phil Murphy, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Restart the building of the tunnel from NJ to NYC

Build a second tunnel from NJ to NYC to decrease delays and overcrowding for people going to work.

Why is this important?

NJ desperately needs a second tunnel into NYC. The one tunnel we have gets backed up when a train breaks down, and backs up all the trains behind it for hours. This gets people who live in NJ hours late for work in NYC. Or hours late in getting home. Sometimes it is shut down for an entire day. Also, if we had a second tunnel, more trains can run between NJ and NYC which would decrease the significant overcrowding on the peak trains people take to get to work. Sometimes the trains get so overcrowded, people cannot even get on the train. We're calling on President Obama, the Senators, and the House of Representatives to use federal funds to make this infrastructure project of building a second tunnel between NJ and NYC happen! We also call upon Governor Christie, the NJ House, and the NJ Senate to help fund this extremely needed project of a second tunnel into NYC. As a bonus, jobs would get created and put a lot of people to work.