To: The Florida State House, The Florida State Senate, and Governor Ron DeSantis

Restore benefits to help disabled

In the past, retarded citizens were funded for transportation to their part-time training site; also, caregivers in the past were provided occasional relief through companions paid by the state to take the disabled on short field trips, out to dinner, etc. These benefits have been discontinued, leaving the disabled hurt and wondering why their "companions" don't come to see them anymore, and increasing the burden on caregivers so that they may be unable to continue caring for these citizens at home.

Why is this important?

Gov. Scott has cut assistance to those least able to care for themselves. Budgets to Associations for Retarded Citizens
(ex. Pinellas Association for Retarded Citizens (PARC); had their budgets frozen and cut so that families struggling to continue caring for their disabled children and adults may have to allow them to become full time wards of the state, a much greater expense to the taxpayer.