To: Joe Buscaino, 15th District Los Angeles City Councilman and Eric Garcetti, Mayor, City of Los Angeles, California

Return Our San Pedro Traffic Lanes, Remove the New Dedicated Bike Lanes.

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San Pedro residents want our city officials to remove new bike lanes in San Pedro Ca. that have replaced viable and important vehicular traffic lanes. We are specifically asking to return all drivable lanes to 25th Street, Westmont, Pacific Ave, and any other streets that have had traffic lanes removed in favor of bike lanes.

Why is this important?

Important and viable vehicular traffic lanes have been removed from many busy streets in favor of imaginary bicyclists, causing chronic traffic congestion .


Reasons for signing

  • 1 lane streets cause Too much congestion for our little town! Makes traffic worse and too many accidents! !
  • kill the bike lanes!
  • Fix our streets Joe!!!!