To: Community Board 1 and Councilwoman Debi Rose

Rezone - Rosebank, Clifton, Shore Acres and Ft. Wadsworth

Sponsor and submit the Community Board 1 (CB1) Application to contextually rezone our neighborhoods to preserve our neighborhoods from unregulated development immediately.

Why is this important?

Areas of Rosebank, Fort Wadsworth, Clifton and Shore Acres have zoning that does not reflect the character of the existing homes. Single family homes, large properties can be bulldozed, and be replaced with multiple homes or massive townhouse developments. Our infrastructure ( sewer system, schools, emergency services and traffic) is already over-capacity. Overdevelopment can be prevented with contextual zoning, which has been done successfully throughout New York City. CB1 must begin this process by submitting a rezoning application immediately.


Reasons for signing

  • Almost too late for this
  • Please save our neighborhood. We don’t need big business and big box stores.
  • Beautiful tetreat , had some spiritual Counseling . The ground are kept impecable . Please desingnate as historic landmark . Just walk the grounds and its beautiful and peacfull

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