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To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Right to Basic Income

It should be guaranteed to all people a basic supply of money on a regular basis regardless of age, race, gender, work status, location or orientation which will allow access to basic resources within a given time frame. Most of the planet is forced to participate in a monetary system which favors those who are already wealthy and well supplied with resources and since nearly every monetary system is linked to every other monetary system this ensures domination of marketplace freedoms for a minority wealthy and scarcity for the masses. Unacceptable.

Why is this important?

It is a simple truth that the population did not choose the banking or monetary system we are forced to participate in today. Since nearly all work is compensated for with monetary increments like "dollars" or "yuan", every single worker is compelled to use this system if they wish to work and indeed when they wish to acquire resources.

What monetary compensation value granted a person is defined and limited by others causing the vast majority of workers to be denied rights and access to resources and freedoms allowed the wealthy.

It is every bit as evident that true talent, innovation and value a person is worth cannot be determined until years or decades after birth and its this well known fact that guaranteeing everyone equal access to resources will guarantee those who have the most to offer will always be discovered; those who cannot help themselves will always survive; and those who fall in the middle - content with mediocrity - will surely get at least as much as they deserve.

This does not eliminate wealth, rather it is a starting point from which any person can still thrive or linger but that no person shall fall victim again to the abhorrent monetary system we are all conscripted to.