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To: The Ascent Apartments Owners

Right to Peaceful Living at the Ascent Apartments

Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash
The management and owners of the Ascent Apartments in Asheville, NC have consistently and egregiously violated the residents' right to peaceful living throughout the mandatory renovation process. Unreasonable requests of packing all items owned in numerous rooms of the units with little to no notice, moving all furniture to an impossible space for the floor to be redone, renovators having no regard for property, cleanliness, or pets, and the threats of fees added for any items the renovators have to touch are unacceptable and illegal.
The residents of the Ascent of Asheville have the right to peaceful living as stated in NC Legislation Chapter 42, Article 7 regarding the Implied Covenant of Quiet Enjoyment. We demand to be heard and our rights to be honored.

Why is this important?

You, as a resident, know what the owners of the Ascent have gotten away with at the expense of your time, your resources, and most importantly, your peace. They have not listened to us individually, so something different must be done to see different results.

This petition was created to gauge the interest of our community finding a solution together. Please share with those that live here - currently or previously (under the management of Brookside properties, owners since spring of this year).
We have options. We can do something about it.
Thank you for your consideration.


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