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To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Right to Proprietary Money

The Altruist Party proposes to either adopt the rights of basic income or to eradicate all private banking worldwide, leaving all monetary storage and exchange to be the exclusive province of those countries that issue the currency.

Should persons choose to continue speculative investing and market making they can do so with their own monies as long as they are stored and tracked by genuine, accountable and public banks.

Why is this important?

Countries supposedly support their currency however private institutions issue and control money for all major world powers forcing their citizens to partake in a banking system that allows limited access to the masses and allows unauthorized control over governments to private entities and indeed individuals.

It is absurd that private entities issue currency or effect monetary policy, policy that impacts every human being on earth.

This is an affront to democracies everywhere and has proven to perpetuate mass slavery the world over. Monetary power needs to be reclaimed by all states from entities like the Federal Reserve, The Bank of England and the European Central bank should immediately and forever cease to exist.