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To: Ross Young- President of USA Rugby

Rugby Team Losing a Star Player Simply Because She is a Girl

There is a woman who has been allowed to obtain liability insurance (CIPP) and sign waivers to play in a men's rugby league. After a complaint was filed, she is being disallowed based on her biological sex. The only liability in allowing her to play is the well being of those on the opposing team because she hits hard and fast. There are no grounds to disallow her from playing in the men's league based on her athleticism or skill level.

Why is this important?

Equity is something we have fought long and hard for. She has found a family in this rugby league and stopping her from continuing to play based solely on the level of discomfort experienced by the men who have had to play against her is absolutely bizarre. She is more than capable of letting them know if it is too much for her physically. She is allowed full autonomy without sexism being a guiding principle.

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