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To: Supervisor Bruce McPherson

San Lorenzo Valley Community Council

San Lorenzo Valley needs a voice in the decision making process.

Regulatory decisions are being made every day at the state and county level that affect wildfire readiness, watershed management, rebuilding and permitting, and fire recovery. But our voices aren't being engaged in that process.

Living in an unincorporated community means that our local representation is limited to a single person, who must divide his (or her) attention across the entire district, which includes Scotts Valley. Our Supervisor also represents the county on many state and regional committees and boards which further divide his attention from the focus we need as we struggle to recover.

Santa Cruz County should establish a San Lorenzo Valley Community Council to increase our community's ability to influence board decisions and advocate on the issues that are most likely to affect us.

An organized council speaking with a unified voice offers San Lorenzo Valley more visibility on the issues being decided at the county and state level before it's too late to provide input.

Why is this important?

San Lorenzo Valley is home to some of the county's lowest-income residents. It is also struggling to recover from the simultaneous impacts of the CZU wildfire, the pandemic, and the economic recession. The challenges we are facing are too numerous to face alone.

A Community Council offers support and resources to our neighbors to help ensure everyone is able to recover from last summer's devastating wildfire, together.

Join us in asking Supervisor Bruce McPherson to support our calls to form an SLV Community Council.



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