To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Sanction Israel for Illegal Settlement Building

The time is long overdue to hold Israel accountable for it's illegal expropriation of land and resources in the illegally occupied Palestinian territories. The land theft wall needs to be moved to Israel's side of the border. End all military aid to Israel until Israel recognizes Palestine's "right to exist" and the human rights of the refugees caused by Israel's UN mandated statehood.

Why is this important?

US taxpayers subsidize the Israeli military machine to the tune of $3+ billion per year and yet the Netanyahu government feels no compulsion to refrain from it's fast and furious annexation of land and expropriation of resources in the illegally occupied West Bank and inhumane treatment and expropriation of resources (gas) off the coast of Gaza. Israel should be held accountable. No more money while these illegal activities continue. The "security" wall is an annexation wall and should be moved to Israel's side of the border instead of snaking through the occupied territories to steal more land for the settlers.