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To: Jesse Arreguin & [Berkeley City Council.], Mayor and the Berkeley City Council

Save Berkeley's People's Park: Create National Civic Landmark Status

Poor social services in Berkeley and other civic aberrant negligence have contributed to the perceived negation and associated slander towards People's Park. But beyond a decade's long insufficient response to human suffering and a lack of community concentration on the People's Park garden, and other aspects of the park that aren't directly linked to blight at all times, and often are, it is time to SAVE PEOPLE'S PARK!

Why is this important?

Critical Mass in Berkeley; overpopulation, in general, is nothing new, but there is a genuine lack of green space in Berkeley. House the homeless and the poor and the schizophrenic. Keep the park for the People. The Park is relative to civil rights and free speech. 2019 will mark the 50th anniversary of People's Park and it would be a horrific shame on the community if the park would be destroyed simply for the sake of student housing, which can be built anywhere. UCB used eminent domain illegally to displace the original neighborhood and, lacking funds to create yet another student housing unit, created the blight in the first place. The park was an attempt by the community to create something beautiful. The UCB and, frankly, the City of Berkeley, have done everything in their power to destroy the park. Given the associated civil rights and free speech background linked to People's Park, the actions of UCB and The City of Berkeley seem determinedly fascist.



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