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To: Pedro Martinez, CEO of Chicago Public Schools

Save CPS's Advanced Arts Program

Please do not end the Advanced Arts Program!!!

Students in Chicago need AAP in its current form, not the replacement that has been proposed.

AAP is not broken, please don't 'fix it'

Why is this important?

The Chicago Public Schools developed the Advanced Arts Program (AAP) over 20 years ago to give students from every Chicago Public School access to the highest quality arts education available. AAP gives students access to programs that art not supported or d not exist at their schools. AAP is a sanctuary for teens to create and learn. AAP also provides more equity and access to arts programming across the city and celebrates students’ astonishing creativity, innovation, and talent. For 19 years AAP consulted us on matters concerning changes and listened to our opinions, all the changes were made with out consent of students, parents, counselors, teachers, and mentor artists.

We are a community we can explore all different art forms, learn from one another and be ourselves without judgment.

CPS thinks the way they are trying to change AAP is new and modern, but it diminishing the program's purpose!


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