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To: Kent County and John Ball Zoo

Save John Ball Park

John Ball Zoo intends to pave a large portion of the green space in John Ball Park to use for parking. As neighbors and residents, we oppose these actions for several reasons.

1. Because Kent County owns the Zoo land, the Zoo must get their approval to amend the Master Plan that outlines what renovations they can make. Without this approval, the Zoo president says they will implement the parking plan that’s in the 2015 Master Plan—a Plan that involves paving even greater expansive stretches of green space and tearing down buildings in order to expand the parking lot. The Zoo president has said is “not what the Zoo or the community wants.” Using this outdated, irrelevant plan to force the community into accepting their amendment is not acceptable.

2. While the Zoo held two poorly-advertised community meetings this summer to discuss landscape changes and get feedback, there was no follow-up to these meetings announcing the plans moving forward—especially when so many people are opposed to expanded parking. It is unacceptable to make changes that impact our neighborhood so significantly without meaningfully engaging with us.

There are so many other environmental, economic, and social and social reasons to not pave vast swaths of park land. We can work together to find a solution to the parking problem that doesn't sacrifice vital natural spaces.

Why is this important?

Please sign the petition to let the Zoo and the County know that
-We do not want the Zoo to move forward with the proposed amendment OR the current 2015 parking plan.
-We want the County to hold the Zoo to account and insist that they do their due diligence in creating a community action plan.
-We want the Zoo to engage with the community on how to find a parking solution that does not pave large portions of the park we love!



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