To: Mark Towne, Community Developement Director and Claudia Bill-de La Pena, Thousand Oaks Mayor

Save Dos Vientos Miller YMCA Health and Fitness Facility

Dos Vientos Miller YMCA and Heavenly Fathers Foundation have initiated the sale and conversion of the building at 320 Via Las Brisas from a Health and Fitness Facility to a church accommodating new quarters for God Speak Calvary Chapel

Why is this important?

We the undersigned community members formally request that the City of Thousand Oaks DENY Heavenly Fathers Foundation purchase and special use permit the city requires to convert the building at 320 Via Las Brisas to a church from its current use as a Fitness Facility. The local community including Dos Vientos would like to have an opportunity to explore other options that will KEEP THE GYM AND POOL FACILITY in place to maintain and improve the health of ALL COMMUNITY RESIDENTS as originally intended. The Miller Brothers, the City of Thousand Oaks, and private donors have substantially contributed tax dollars and tax free contributions for the benefit of this community Facility. LOSING THIS FACILITY WILL ALSO AFFECT PROPERTY VALUES.


Reasons for signing

  • Please don’t replace a valuable community asset, open to all, with an exclusive facility for the few.
  • Locating a religious facility here is not the highest and best use of this property.
  • I want to sign the petition.