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To: OCLS Board of Trustees

Save OCLS Herndon Library

Save OCLS Herndon Library

The OCLS Board of Trustees has decided not to renew the lease for the Herndon Library. The Herndon branch is essential to our community and we would like for them to reconsider their decision.
In addition to signing this petition, please also send an email to the Board of Trustees at to let them know how much the Herndon branch means to you!

Why is this important?

The Herndon branch is an important asset to our community for so many reasons- from it’s easy parking/access via the traffic lights, the return window that you can get a receipt from any time of day or night (the only branch to offer this!), the amazing family and children’s events, and the staff who make everyone feel welcome and part of a community. The Herndon branch has been there for over 20 years. We have a community that depends on it.

How it will be delivered

The next Board meeting will be held on June 11th. ALL ARE WELCOME to attend. If you would like to speak at the meeting you must register here:

Reasons for signing

  • If this location closes, that means no library location in my community. We participate in awesome classes and events at this library, and do our pick ups here, vs. delivery to our home.
  • This is a second home to my children. This is our home base library. The parking, staff and location is perfect. We need this library to stay open.
  • We love the friendly staff, the ease of parking, the wide variety of educational opportunities and the location.


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