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Save our Water System From the City of Salisbury

As you are aware, our Town Government is in the process of considering turning the water and sewer services over to the City of Salisbury. We already know that Salisbury will only continue to raise the rates, rates that we cannot afford now. If you are concerned and believe that action must be taken now to give us relief from the outrageous water rates, please sign your name to this petition to demand that our Town Leaders" CEASE AND DESIST" from any discussions with the City of Salisbury until a full feasibility study can be completed to offer the residents of East Spencer a higher quality service at reduced rates. A community forum is being planned to bring in professional expertise that believes the current system can be upgraded to offer better services and save the residents money for the services they are getting now. Please discuss this petition with family and friends, and encourage them to quickly sign the petition, which will be presented publicly to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen. We need to know if they are really working for us or someone else.

Why is this important?

The Town of East Spencer is considering allowing the City of Salisbury to take over the water and sewer system, without doing a feasibility study on how maintaining the system and using new technology could result possibly result in better service and reduced water/sewer prices to the citizens. The City of Salisbury WILL NOT reduce the already outrageous prices of water and sewer services. As citizens of the Town of East Spencer, we DEMAND that all consideration to turn over the system to Salisbury cease until a feasibility study can be completed by professionals who could offer alternative solutions.



2021-08-24 16:49:43 -0400

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