To: Robert Siedlecki, The Kansas State House, The Kansas State Senate, and Governor Laura Kelly

Save People with Mental Illness!

Keep the doors to recovery from severe mental illness open!

Why is this important?

For over 30 years, mental health consumer-run organizations (CROs) have proven to be an extremely effective (and cost-effective) way for people with severe mental illness to achieve recovery and lead full, productive lives as taxpayers, not tax burdens.

Unfortunately, in less than 30 days, all Kansas CROs will begin permanently shutting down as their contracts with Kansas Social and Rehabilitative Services (SRS) run out and the promised new funding proposal fails to be made available.

We call on Governor Sam Brownback to direct SRS to immediately release the long-promised contract renewal application so that people with severe mental illness can continue on the path to recovery.

One day at a CRO = $13. One day at a state hospital = $418. Which would *you* rather have your tax dollars pay for?