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To: Patrick Slayter, Neysa Hinton, Una Glass, Sara Glade Gurney, Diana Gardner Rich

Save Polley Field

Campaign created by
Kasey Hillier
Save Polley Field

Sebastopol City Planning Department has been devising a plan to remodel Ives park in an effort to restore the creek. They've come up with three potential configurations which will be presented to City Council when they meet on February 1st. Option A and B preserve Polley field. Option C involves the COMPLETE REMOVAL OF POLLEY FIELD at Ives and is the one that the Planning Commission is recommending! They must not choose Option C and eliminate one of Sebastopol's gems, Polley Field.

Why is this important?

Everybody wants to see Calder Creek thrive again, but it can also happen without destroying our beloved baseball field. Polley Field has been around since 1957 and is easily one of the best and most unique little league fields in all of Sonoma County. Located in the heart of the city, encapsulated by redwood trees, there really isn't anything like it. It's home to generations of Sebastopol Little Leaguers and now their children. It's also the home to one of the longest running coed slow pitch softball leagues in the county with many who have been playing since the 70's. This field gets the most use out of any in Sebastopol and it would truly be a tragedy if the City Council chose to remove it.


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