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To: Congress

Save Roe v. Wade!

Save Roe v. Wade!

Congress must add seats to the Supreme Court to protect Roe v. Wade and other basic rights!

Why is this important?

The shocking news that a Texas woman was charged with murder for legally obtaining an abortion was a disturbing preview of what’s to come if Congress doesn’t stand up for our basic rights.

Now Kentucky and Oklahoma have passed bills to ban abortion as the far-right majority on the Supreme Court is on the precipice of overturning Roe v. Wade.

Congressional Democrats need to be doing more to fight back. One of the most effective steps they can take: add seats to the Supreme Court.

It’s not just Roe that hangs in the balance: the far-right court is prepared to also hand down pro-business decisions on voting rights, affirmative action, and gun rights in the months to come.

Congress can pass legislation to rebalance the Supreme Court now, before Republicans have the chance to secure a Congressional majority in the midterms. It’s constitutional, it’s happened before, and it’s the only way to stop the radical right takeover of our courts and our country!


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