To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Save Social Security and Public Education

Nevermind "miles". How would you like a credit card that REALLY paid you back? It’s part of a simple plan to revitalize Social Security and fund Public Education by charging banks and credit card companies a simple 1% quarterly operating fee.

The nation’s banks and credit card companies have taken so much from the American people. Through this plan, they can be required to give back to the public and help get America back on track as a global leader.

Why is this important?

Some of our basic needs are on the chopping block in Congress. We can't afford to let Social Security be privatized, and Public Education funding to be diverted and frittered away. This is a petition to ask Congress to pass an "operation fee" onto credit card companies and banks, charging them 1% of their profit which in turn will go into new and protected accounts to pay out Social Security benefits, and to fund public education.

This will free up tax money for other needs, and every swipe of a credit card will be benefiting Americans. And it will take back (in a positive way) from the companies who have taken so much from the people.