To: Michael Lafreniere, Director, Burien Parks and Recreation, Lucy Krakowiak, Mayor, City of Burien, and Kamuron Gurol, City Manager, City of Burien

Save the Burien Cherry Tree Project

Request that the City of Burien purchase the property on the corner of 144th and Ambaum and turn it into a pocket park for citizens. Save the beautiful 40+ year old cherry tree and other trees on the Seattle City Light substation property.

Why is this important?

The cherry tree drops petals on us as we walk under it. It is in a small very beautiful green area enjoyed by many people. In the spring its blossoms light the way to Seahurst park.

Reasons for signing

  • Is it too late to save this beautiful tree? Please don't destroy it. I live down the street from it.
  • Save this place of peace and beauty
  • Please save the beautiful 40 year old cherry tree and make a pocket park for the citizens so they can enjoy the cherry tree