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To: City Council

Save The Carousel House

Save The Carousel House

The city is set to demolish one of the last community center's for the disabled ( The Carousel house), I'm reaching out because we can't let this happen so many people young and old depend on places like this.

Why is this important?

I come to you this day in need of help. I was informed that The Carousel house in Fairmount park has been set to be demolished. This hits home and saddens me deeply because I have a direct link to this center, my family immediate and extended have spent countless years at this center. It's one of the last places in the city of Philadelphia where the disabled, mentally challenged and visually impaired can gather together and be constructive.
The carousel house over the last 48 years has given the disabled a place to feel a sense of community and purpose. By providing therapeutic activities and competitive sports. There aren't many spaces left in this city for these people to go. Please help save and restore this center for not just this generation but the next to come.

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  • carousel house should be saved because it helps so many in the community


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