To: Kary Moss, Esq., Executive Director of the ACLU and Roy S. Roberts, Principal

Save the Catherine Ferguson Academy for Single Moms in Detroit, MI.

Please, ACLU! This is our request to ask you to file a stay in court to keep the Catherine Ferguson Academy open!
Their plan to close June 17th, 2011 gives us little time to prevent this great loss in Detroit from happening. The students at the school are all single Mothers are choosing life, choosing love and need a little guidance and education to help them achieve stability in their lives. Having an opportunity to provide for themselves and their children is the greatest gift society can give!! Please help us make this first step which would allow us the time to show the whole country of America how we support single Mothers and their children!! Thank you!

Why is this important?

The Ferguson Academy for Young Women is an alternative high school located in Detroit, MI. They provide education and resources for pregnant teens, grades 9-12. Many of the teens come from underprivileged backgrounds and are faced with daily challenges that infringe upon their educational opportunities. The Catherine Ferguson Academy strives to provide quality education in order to ensure a bright future for each child. The goal of the principal and teachers at the academy is to prevent the pregnancy cycle from reoccurring in the next generation of infants. Lots used for farming and a barn built by the students lie adjacent to the school. The barn houses a variety of farm animals that the students help care for.

Help keep this school open! We need to continue to support Mama's and their quest of love to support themselves and their beautiful children. Every child is our child::

Let's petition the ACLU Michigan chapter to file a stay in court to prevent the school closure!!!