To: Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, The Massachusetts State House, The Massachusetts State Senate, and Governor Charlie Baker

Save the MBTA

We urge the state legislature and the MBTA to exhaust all methods of funding for the T without making regular commuters and local communities suffer the cost.

Why is this important?

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is proposing changes that would raise ticket prices by up to 43%, eliminate all weekend and late-night train services, cut bus routes, and affect nearly 100 million riders a year.

Not only is this a prohibitive raise in prices, especially for elderly and young riders, but local tourism will be devastated by the loss of service and many cities who built affordable housing near train stations will be severely impacted. On top of this, thousands of citizens will be unable to get to work via public transportation, leading to increased traffic and pollutants in numerous communities.

The MBTA and State Government need to work harder to investigate alternative methods of funding and find new revenue projects, as well as exploring other restructuring options in order to save commuters and their communities the financial and environmental impact of these crippling measures.