To: Melinda Miles, Mayor, Luke Chesek, City Council Member, Celina Benitez, City Council Member, Bryan Knedler, City Council Member, Shivali Shah, City Council Member, and Roberta Phillips, CEO, Prince George's County Memorial Library System

Save the Mount Rainier Public Library!

Local leaders need to take action to keep the Mount Rainier public library open.

Why is this important?

The library in Mount Rainier is a community hub where we meet neighbors, find answers to problems, and discover books that entertain and inspire. The library has been closed since fall 2018. We need a clear plan of action from local leaders to keep the library open!

Reasons for signing

  • Save The Library
  • already rx emails from moveon
  • The library provides important community services and has the potential to help economic revitalization of the business area.

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