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To: Justice Department

Save the Post Office! Investigate Postmaster DeJoy

Save the Post Office! Investigate Postmaster DeJoy

Once again, it looks like Postmaster General Louis DeJoy may have abused his public office to secure deals that would profit him personally. We’re calling for the Justice Department and the USPS Inspector General to investigate DeJoy now.

Why is this important?

Reports indicate that DeJoy may have broken federal conflicts of interest law in how he handled the at-home COVID-19 test distribution program that the USPS administered beginning last year. The program was one of the largest-scale disaster relief projects in the history of USPS, and DeJoy was “intensely involved” in its rollout.

Since January, the federal government has awarded one company, Abbott Laboratories, a billion-plus dollar contract for supplying the COVID tests. Guess what? Louis DeJoy is a stockholder in that company — and records show he was actively trading Abbott stock as the deal was being negotiated.

If DeJoy did in fact make Abbott stock trades while administering the test distribution program, that’d be illegal. We need an investigation to make sure DeJoy is held accountable!

DeJoy’s self-dealing must be stopped now. It’s no secret that the American people have already suffered considerably from DeJoy prioritizing his personal profits over the public interest. We demand a full investigation immediately!


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