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To: President Joseph R. Biden, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Save the United States Post Office System

To elected officials: We the undersigned insist that you repeal the onerous 2006 law that requires the U.S. Post Office to pre-pay employee pensions 75 years in advance (Public Law No: 109-435). This is a ridiculous requirement that is not levied against ANY other business or public or private institution in our country. The effect of this evil legislation IS to destroy the U.S. Post Office. It MUST be repealed.

Why is this important?

We must STOP the dismantling of the United States Post Office. It is required by the U.S Constitution and is highly valued by young and old alike.



2020-10-19 01:28:18 -0400

Dear Post Office supporters: If you have a US House member or a US Senator who would support repeal of the onerous 2006 "poison-pill law" designed to kill the Post Office, please email me with that information. Now that the 2020 election is behind us and we have such positive results, we can finally get the Post Office back on an even keel.
Please do let me know about probable supporters in Congress!
Ed Porter [email protected]

2020-10-19 01:12:51 -0400

This remains a critically important issue. NOW that the hard work has paid off and Joe Biden has been sworn in as President, this is something he and Congress could address very promptly.
Please rest assured, we will present this again after we get some 2021 signatures
~ Ed Porter 02-15-2021

2020-04-16 18:30:00 -0400

100 signatures reached