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To: USPS Board of Governors

Save the USPS: Fire Postmaster General Louis DeJoy

Save the USPS: Fire Postmaster General Louis DeJoy

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has spent most of his tenure trying to destroy the Postal Service. Last year, he was a major player in ex-President Trump’s plot to silence mail-in voters by sabotaging the USPS -- and even now that President Biden has taken office, DeJoy is still trying to gut this vital public service.

Biden’s nominees for the USPS Board of Governors -- the only body that can fire and replace DeJoy -- have now been confirmed by the Senate, meaning the Board may finally have enough reform-minded members to oust DeJoy. To save our Postal Service, the Board must do so immediately.

Why is this important?

Even though Donald Trump is no longer president, his handpicked Postmaster General Louis DeJoy remains in charge at the USPS -- and is still trying to run this cherished institution into the ground.

Last year, DeJoy -- a GOP mega-donor with no previous USPS experience -- made headline after headline for his efforts to sabotage the Postal Service. He imposed outrageous restrictions on postal workers, had mailboxes removed by the truckload, and more.

And though many of these dangerous directives were reversed by courts, thanks to lawsuits from voting rights groups -- we now know that hamstringing the USPS was a key part of Trump’s plan to undermine vote-by-mail in the 2020 election. Trump even admitted it, when he opposed funding the USPS by saying: “they need that money in order to make the Post Office work so it can take all of these millions and millions of ballots.” [1]

But even now that the election is behind us, DeJoy remains committed to bringing the Postal Service to a grinding halt. Earlier this year, he unveiled a 10-year plan that would further slow down first-class mail delivery, reduce Post Office hours, and raise postage prices.

Recently, President Biden’s three nominees for the USPS Board of Governors -- which has the authority to fire DeJoy -- were confirmed by the Senate, potentially giving the Board a more reform-minded majority. But as of now, the Board hasn't made any commitments either way about DeJoy’s future at the USPS.

So unless we take action immediately, DeJoy could remain Postmaster General for, in his words, “a long time,” [2] -- calling the shots for the very agency he has tried to destroy.

Americans nationwide are counting on the Postal Service to safely deliver their paychecks, life-saving medications, and more. Add your name to tell the USPS Board of Governors to defend this vital public service by firing Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.


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  • DeJoy is a dirt-ball, incapable of running the USPS


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