To: The Ohio State House, The Ohio State Senate, and Governor Mike DeWine

Save Women's Rights

I am asking all women and all those who care about the women in their lives, please sign this petition and don't take us back to the dark days when women were blamed for their own vicitimization.

Why is this important?

Our State and National Legislators are attempting to roll back women's rights from cradle to grave. They were sent to office in the 2010 elections to work on jobs, jobs, jobs. But yet, they have spent the past months writing legislation that takes healthcare away from women, infant formula away from babies, early education away from children, daycare away from working women, the most extreme anti-abortion legislation in the history of our country, the possiblilty of banning any forms of birth control, redefining rape. Are you kidding me? Must we women really go back to the horrors of the days when I, as a young woman in the workplace was "sexually harassed", but had to put up with it because it didn't even have a name? Back to a time when a woman was blamed for her own rape because of what she was wearing? Really?