To: The Hon. Rex Tillerson, U. S. Secretary of State

Secretary Tillerson: Meet With U.S. Citizens in Mexico

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will visit Mexico City on February 23, according to Reuters. An estimated one million Americans live in Mexico and some 500,000 people hold dual U.S./Mexican nationality. These U.S. citizens are in the unique position to provide Secretary Tillerson with first-hand knowledge about the country and the potentially damaging effects that changes in U.S. foreign policy toward Mexico could have. Tillerson should meet with U.S. citizens who hold opposing views while he visits Mexico City to talk with Mexican government officials.

Why is this important?

The Trump administration has proposed changes to NAFTA that could adversely affect commerce on both sides of the border. President Trump has spoken of leveling import fees on products of Mexico which could lead to retaliatory actions. President Trump has called for the construction of a wall that could cost upwards of $20 billion even while America’s own infrastructure is decaying. He has declared he will deport up to 8 million people which will break apart families and adversely affect important sectors of the U.S. economy, including hospitality, agriculture, and construction. Finally, his planned actions could seriously erode the bi-lateral relationship between the two neighboring nations. Just this month some 20,000 Mexicans marched in protest of the Trump Republican Administration.

As no one else, those of us Americans who are concerned about these policies, and who also make our homes in Mexico, are in a unique position to provide the Secretary of State a viewpoint that he might not receive in Washington, D.C.

We call on Secretary Tillerson to meet with us at a time and place of his convenience during his visit.