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To: Senator Ted Cruz

Sen. Cruz: Resign!

UPDATE: In the midst of the devastating climate crisis that's resulted in millions of Texans being forced to go without power and water during the worst extreme weather in a generation, Ted Cruz took off on a family vacation to Mexico. He's failed us again. It's long past time for him to resign.
Senator Ted Cruz must resign from office for his role in enabling the violent white supremacist insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

Why is this important?

On Wednesday, January 6, we witnessed an unprecedented assault on our democracy. A violent mob of white supremacists stormed the Capitol building, ransacking and vandalizing members’ offices and the very chambers of the Senate and the House. Five people, including one Capitol Police officer, died as a result.

The seeds for this violent assault were planted well before January 6. Senator Ted Cruz was among the loudest voices in the Senate calling for an overturning of the will of tens of millions of voters in November’s election in states like Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Georgia.

Despite dozens of failed court challenges and no evidence of fraud whatsoever, Sen. Cruz repeatedly stated that the election results from states he doesn’t even represent were irregular and that they required further investigation.

He continued to peddle these blatant lies for his own political gain, even going so far as to send out a fundraising message while the siege of the Capitol was underway.

Sen. Cruz has blood on his hands. This was a political game where he put his future opportunity to run for president above the people of Texas. He has lost the right to represent Texans in the U.S. Senate.
He has to resign immediately.

Reasons for signing

  • Now that I signed, I would just like to say that Ted Cruz criticizing and attacking Big Bird over vaccinations is the most DISGUSTING AND UNACCEPTABLE HABIT HE HAS DONE! And he needs to RESIGN AND LEAVE POLITICS RIGHT NOW! He cannot be attacking Sesame Street like that! Do you realize what a fool he’s made of himself?! He’s not doing the right thing and he needs to quit!
  • Ted Cruz is an enemy of democracy and a carpet bagging snake oil salesman.
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