To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Sen. Murphy is Right: No More U.S. Weapons to Saudi Arabia

We, residents of Connecticut, support Senator Chris Murphy’s call for a suspension of arms sales to Saudi Arabia because of its war on Yemen and its campaigns to spread its extremist ideas. No more U.S. weapons to Saudi Arabia and no more support for its wars.

Why is this important?

The Saudi attack has caused thousands of civilian deaths, turned cities to ruins and has brought hunger to millions. Al-Qaeda has exploited the chaos in Yemen as an opportunity to expand.

The Saudi monarchy demands total obedience in the name of religion and enforces its will with beheadings and other cruel punishments. It is spending tens of billions to spread its extremist ideas worldwide and we see the result from Iraq to Afghanistan to San Bernardino.

No more U.S. support for this Saudi monarchy.


Reasons for signing

  • No more weapons for Saudi Arabia. Too many innocent people have died from complications that could have a cure but lack of Drs and Medicine, etc, along with providing Saudi Arabia with the help is killing and traumatizing so many.
  • no weapons! no war!