To: The United States Senate

Senate: Limit Arms Transfers to Saudi Arabia & Syria

Support the Murphy-Paul & Udall-Lee NDAA amendments to limit the transfer of arms to Saudi Arabia and Syria.

Why is this important?

The Senate is considering two amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act that would limit arms transfers to Saudi Arabia and Syria. The Murphy-Paul amendment [1] would block transfer of bombs to Saudi Arabia unless Saudi Arabia demonstrates a commitment to fighting terrorism and complies with legal obligations to protect civilians in its war in Yemen. The Udall-Lee amendment [2] would block the transfer of weapons to Syrian fighters unless the Secretary of Defense certifies that none of the weapons are being transferred to ISIS or Al Qaeda.

Urge your Senators to support these amendments by signing our petition.



Reasons for signing

  • How will Saudi Arabia commit to fighting terrorism when they are the terrorists? Dream on. No more arms - period!
  • Our Government should govern and Protect us at all cost .and then make sure weapons are not available to the enemy at all protect other Nations. Educate. Educate Educate. Sincerely Warner and Joyce morrow 2nd Chronicles 7;14
  • Please stop this madness, and protect America!

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