To: The United States Senate and President Donald Trump

Senator McCain: The investigation of Russian election interference and communications with Micha...

The Intelligence community has confirmed the Russian government at the direction of Vladimir Putin hacked the DNC and created fake news all in an effort to support Donald Trump's presidential bid. There is also evidence that the Trump campaign officials were in communication with the Russian government during the election. Many Americans are concerned this investigation will be thwarted by the current administration. Senator, your committee has the responsibility to investigate and appoint a special prosecutor to determine the depth of this scandal and give the American people the answers they deserve

Why is this important?

I do not want this issue to be buried and forgotten due to the rancor that now exists in Congress and this administration. The election of Donald Trump is tainted by this scandal and Trump's overt support of Putin is most troubling.

Reasons for signing

  • this guy is a crooked lying thieving bag a crap. time to end this disgrace to anerica before it becomes ameri"K"a
  • We need to get this circulated, again. The Liar-In-Chief is making a mockery of the presidency. We do have Mueller conducting an investigation. We need more help from the GOP. Now, our free press is being attacked. The free press is our voice and essential to democracy.
  • Must investigate treasonest trump and Putins haching of our elevtion to put in nazi dictator trump