To: Senator Portman

Senator Portman: Disavow Donald Trump

By downplaying the threat posed by Donald Trump to our national security, Senator Portman is breaking faith with the people of Ohio, many of whom are veterans like myself and know that Trump is unfit to be our next commander in chief. Senator Portman must immediately disavow Trump and his reckless foreign policy.

Why is this important?

After being asked if he would trust Donald Trump with the codes to our nuclear arsenal, Senator Portman recently issued a statement saying that he believes Trump will “keep America safe.” As an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) technician serving in Iraq, I saw what happens when devastating weapons are left in the wrong hands, and I know Senator Portman is wrong.

Throughout this campaign, Trump has shown again and again that he is irrational, impulsive, and utterly unqualified to be President. On the use of nuclear weapons he has said “we need unpredictability,” and that he sees no problem in letting more countries develop nuclear weapons. Speaking with a foreign policy expert about the U.S. nuclear arsenal, Trump reportedly asked “if we have them, why can’t we use them?”

These are just a few of the reasons that 50 Republican national security experts wrote a letter warning that Trump, if elected, "would be the most reckless President in American history.”

By saying he trusts Donald Trump with the nuclear codes, Senator Portman is putting the safety of our country -- and the world -- into the hands of a man who is clearly unfit to assume the responsibility. It is unacceptable for Senator Portman to choose party loyalty over his duty to keep our country safe.

Join me in telling Senator Portman that if he wants to show Ohio that he takes our national security seriously, he must join Governor Kasich and over a hundred fellow Republican leaders in stating that he does not support Donald Trump.