To: Sen. Charles Schumer (NY-1)

Senator Schumer: tell the truth about the occupation, West Bank Settlements and Israeli-Palestini...

Senator Schumer: set the record straight and tell your fellow Americans what you know is true about Israel's West Bank settlements - that they are an obstacle to peace and a threat to Israel's future as a Jewish and democratic state.

Why is this important?

On March 5th, 2018, Senator Schumer stood before 18,000 AIPAC activists and told them what they wanted to hear: Israeli settlements in the West Bank are not an obstacle to peace. This ridiculous statement brought the AIPAC crowd to its feet, but it further damaged the cause of Israeli-Palestinian peace.

As a seasoned politician, Senator Schumer must know the truth: settlements are a chief obstacle to peace. Yet he chose to misrepresent the facts in pandering to AIPAC. Unless settlements stop expanding and unless many are removed, Palestinians cannot have a viable state. That is, in fact, the objective of those who support and advance settlement construction. Without the creation of a Palestinian state, Israel risks becoming either a binational state and losing its Jewish character, or becoming an international pariah in which a Jewish minority rules over a disenfranchised Palestinian majority. As Schumer must know, either scenario jeopardizes Israel's future. It's time for him to tell the truth.