To: Senator Pat Toomey

Senator Toomey: Disavow Donald Trump

By downplaying the threat posed by Donald Trump to our national security, Senator Toomey is breaking faith with the people of Pennsylvania, many of whom served in uniform and know that Trump is unfit to be our next commander in chief.

Senator Toomey must immediately disavow Trump and his reckless foreign policy. He must pledge to not vote for him on Election Day.

Why is this important?

During a recent radio interview, Senator Toomey claimed that Hillary Clinton poses a greater threat to the U.S. than Donald Trump. As a veteran who served for years in military intelligence, I know Senator Toomey is wrong. Donald Trump is more dangerous for our national security than any nominee in the history of the nation, regardless of party affiliation.

Throughout this campaign, Donald Trump has shown again and again that he is irrational, impulsive, and utterly unqualified to be President. On the use of nuclear weapons he has said “we need unpredictability.” He won’t commit to protecting our NATO allies, has asked Russia to conduct cyber attacks against the United States, and has even claimed that President Obama is "the founder of ISIS."

These are just a few of the reasons that former Governor Tom Ridge and 49 Republican security experts wrote a letter warning that Trump "would be the most reckless President in American history.”

Join me in telling Senator Toomey that he needs to listen to the people of Pennsylvania--veterans and military families alike--and help keep our country safe by clearly stating he does not support Donald Trump.