To: Maui City Council


We need local and state Government support for Senior Community Housing for middle class people who make over $35K a year. Make developers add senior housing for middle income elders to their projects.

Why is this important?

Many Seniors want to live in community housing that have income over $35K a year. If you make less than $35K a yr you still have to wait years to get a place. There is no Senior housing for middle class income. In Maui we have tried to get the city council to pass 2 such projects. They refuse and pass on huge developer projects.There are hundreds of middle class seniors coming to live in the islands. Some who live here are having to move to other states that have Senior Community Housing that serve and honor there elders. Even if I had millions I would want to live in community and have support and companionship. As an aging person I will need on support on the premises and nurse on call. CommunityHousing is best because the seniors help and support each other both physically and socially.