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Shutdown Putin and Kremlin on Twitter

Shutdown Putin and Kremlin on Twitter

Putin and his rich oligarchs have started the most flagrantly unprovoked war in Europe in nearly 8 decades. He has used lies and misinformation to his people to justify his war and limit access to the truth. He uses intimidation via criminal prosecution to dissuade the Russians from standing up against him. Any platform enabling Putin is partly responsible for the human suffering, the body bags, and the destabilization of democracy. #DeplatformPutin.

Why is this important?

Because innocent people (Russians and Ukrainians), who have nothing to do with a madman elite's decision, matter. Because Ukraine and all countries have a right to decide their own fate. Because people are dying and there is yet another refugee crisis. Because Ukraine is full of a deep, rich cultural history. Because access to facts and information matters. Because they are people.


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