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Sick Detainee Please Help !! Don't forget to share !!!!

My Father is sick and is detained in Stewart County Detention Center, hes been in this country for almost 30 years, Please Help !

Why is this important?

On July 9th, 2018, our father Abdoulie Sowe was detained by Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) during a routine reporting to ICE office in Charlotte, he has been living in this country for over 25 years and had never committed a crime other than minor traffic violations. He has three children born in this country. He is a good and industrious father. He is head of the household and his sense of responsibility and duty is demonstrably reflected in the successful enrollment of my brother and me as students at East Carolina University. Our sister is at Harris Creek elementary school and performing well.
Our father has a removal order from the year 2000. He has an approved immigrant visa petition from my brother from the year 2017. When he tried to get his case reopened in the immigration court, the judge denied his motion. Our father is sick, he suffers from chronic renal disease and was on dialysis for many years, finally in 2014 our mother was able to donate him a kidney, and now he is regularly taking anti-rejection medication. The first week he was there he didn’t receive his medication and that resulted in him being admitted at the hospital. If ICE gets there way and he gets deported I do not believe my father will survive. Beside chronic renal disease, he also has diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia. In The Gambia he won’t have access to his medications or resources to stabilize his health, which will put him at risk for rejection and perhaps loss of his transplanted kidney.
No one seems to listen or care about the injustice that’s taking place, my family and I are asking for your help. We need every signature we can get so maybe someone will stop and listen.
Thank you

Reasons for signing

  • He has been more of a friend to my husband than anyone can imagine
  • One of my good friends and neighbors for many years
  • I hope your father gets justice. You're family is in my prayers.