To: The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

Sign Senator Charles Schumer's Yearbook #NoWarWithIran

Sen. Schumer, by choosing to be one of only two Senate Democrats opposed to the Iran nuclear deal, you're standing with Donald Trump, Dick Cheney, and Republicans in Congress—and against President Obama and the party you hope to lead.

Your efforts to undermine the diplomatic agreement that will prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons have won you the title of “Most Likely to Start a War.”

Voters in New York and around the country are outraged by your decision. So we're adding our names to make sure you—and all the still-undecided Democrats in Congress—hear our pro-diplomacy, anti-war message.

Why is this important?

Senator Charles Schumer is one of only two Senate Democrats to date to side with Republican war hawks against the historic diplomatic agreement with Iran—and he wants to be the next Senate Democratic Leader.

It's imperative that we hold him accountable for his inexcusable stance on the Iran deal, while also showing still-undecided Democrats a bit of what they can expect if they choose war by undermining diplomacy and peace.

That's why MoveOn members are launching a mobile billboard in New York City on August 31. The billboard will crisscross Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx, conveying the message that Sen. Schumer's actions in opposition to diplomacy with Iran should win him the ignominious title of "Most Likely to Start a War."

This public rebuke is an extension of the efforts of more than 180,000 MoveOn members who have pledged to withhold approximately $43 million in political campaign contributions from Sen. Schumer and individual Democrats (and the party committees that support them) if they succeed in sabotaging diplomacy.