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To: 2021 district mapmakers

Sign the Petition: NO gerrymandering in 2021

Sign the Petition: NO gerrymandering in 2021

This year, states will draw new electoral maps based on data from the 2020 Census -- and how they’re drawn will impact voters nationwide for the next decade.

We demand fair and transparent redistricting for all 50 states that doesn’t put the needs of partisan politicians before the voices of communities or substitute alternative data for the 2020 Census population counts. And we reject any attempts to gerrymander our maps and silence voters.

Why is this important?

Now that the 2021 redistricting process has officially begun, we must speak out right now to stop partisan politicians from drawing rigged, unfair maps.

Because if we don’t, some power-hungry politicians will abuse their control of the process and draw gerrymandered maps -- resorting to despicable tactics like “packing and cracking” to limit the political influence of Black and Brown voters and protect incumbents from competition.

That’s not how our democracy is supposed to work. Voters should choose their elected officials, not the other way around. And any efforts by politicians to interfere with the process -- by using data that was not intended for redistricting or drawing rigged maps that ignore communities’ voices -- can’t be swept under the rug.

That’s why we are flipping the script this cycle -- putting communities, not politicians at the center of the process. Whether your state’s districts are drawn by the legislature or by an independent commission -- mapmakers need to hear loud and clear that We the People will not be excluded from the redistricting process or silenced by gerrymandering.

That also means making sure that only the best, most precise population data available is used, which comes from the 2020 Census. Using another source, especially one that was not designed for drawing maps -- or conducting the entire process behind closed doors -- only creates further opportunities to gerrymander and abuse power.

These maps will shape our state legislatures and Congress for the next ten years. We cannot afford to let politicians draw deeply partisan and racially divisive districts that deprive voters of the chance to elect someone who shares their lived experiences. If you agree, add your name today.


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