To: the American people


We stand in solidarity with Linda Sarsour against bigoted right-wing smears attacking her for helping organize the Women's March—the most successful mass protest in recent history.

Why is this important?

Linda Sarsour is an extraordinary leader, a selfless organizer, and a fierce advocate for justice for everyday people. Alt-right fanatics and Trump supporters are using lies and anti-Muslim conspiracy theories to distract from the largest protest of a president in US history—the Women's March, which Linda co-organized.

I’ve worked with Linda for years on protecting civil rights and holding police and politicians accountable. I know that right now marching with her means making a long-term commitment to resisting this new administration and the hate that’s come in with it. That’s what signing this pledge is about.

Linda’s been targeted by these bigots before—we know she’ll be alright, God-willing. But let’s let her know how many people have her back.

We won't let them spread their alternative facts and attack someone based on their religion. We march with, you, Linda—yesterday, today, and tomorrow.