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To: Brookline select board


I am reaching out for your support in my demand for the Town of Brookline to install night lights at Skyline Turf Field. My name is Josh Anyaosah, a parent and resident of Brookline, in 2023 I was motivated and energized to start the Brookline intraleague parent/adult soccer league, managed by the Brookline rec department, where a total of 400 parents and adults have played 2 seasons of soccer at Cypress playground field (Spring and Fall 2023).
But we have one big obstacle-the dilapidating and unsafe soccer field at Cypress.
Solution: install night light at the newly improved Skyline Turf field. I encourage you to support my petition to install night light on Skyline Turf field. The current Cypress grass field is not Turfed, and the grass cannot sustain the number of activities on it, it's dangerous, and pose a safety hazard.
The parent soccer league is the most inclusive, diversified, recreational, and community building experience most people have participated in- a bolstering image of Brookline's inclusiveness, commitment to healthy-living, and acceptance of diversity, and it pains me to see the enthusiasm of another season dwindle-not because of the group's ability and interest to participate, or Brookline Rec's commitment to see it thrive (taking on the registration, operation, and management) or Brookline department of works' dedication to address the needs of Cypress field (seeding the field, cutting, irrigating, filling holes dug by dogs, cleaning dog poops, and covering the grass with tarp during winter to allow the grass to grow), but because the grass cannot sustain the number of games and activities played on the field. There is a considerable number of people that wants to play but due to Cypress unplayable field condition and the lack of night lights at Skyline and Down's field, I and the almost 400 participants feel excluded from Brookline Recreational events. Turfing Cypress is a difficult battle, so I am asking to install night lights on Skyline Turf Field so Brookline's parents can continue with this diversified and inclusive tradition. Your support will prompt me to submit a proposal to the selectboard for review! Thanks.

Why is this important?

Below are direct quotes from participants and/or spouse of participants in the league!
Community upbuilding: "I feel like I know my neighbors more by playing in this league, my neighbors are not strangers or passersby anymore.
Inclusiveness: "Didn't realized they were a few Nigerians until I started playing in this League"-Lincoln parent, and another was amazed of how many people from S. American countries live in Brookline-Runkle parent.
Safety: "I feel safe letting my kids walk to school by themselves because I see parents I played with or against at the Soccer games" Pierce parent
Therapy: "while going through struggles of life and family, this league has been very therapeutic in dealing with stress,"-Runkle Team 2 parent.
Diversity: "I have never met a diverse group of people in Brookline before" a Ridley parent.
Healthy living: "I went for a checkup for groin pain and knee/ankle pain, come to find out I was diagnosed with full heart block (the widow maker)" a Baker's parent. Was treated, had surgery and feeling better.
Humanitarian aid: "It's happy knowing that a portion of the money paid for the Jersey was donated to an orphanage home in Nigeria"-a Lincoln parent.
Recreational: "Although, at times competitive, and aggressive but it was mostly fun, and something I look forward to on our game night"-Lawrence parent.
It supported local business-AKA Garrison House Brookline!!!
Some of our players suffered injuries because of uneven field surfaces, lack of grassy areas, and poor field conditions.

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