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To: Kathy Hochul, Kirsten Gillibrand, Charles Schumer

Solar "Farms" Should Not Be Built Next To Our Homes

NYS taxpayers should not have to worry about a solar "farm" plant being built right next to their homes. There is a real risk of large scale electrical fire with toxic fumes endangering all life in the immediate area. The panels don't absorb all of the solar rays that hit them. They "dissipate" into the environment. That means they are taken in by it-the excess heat and solar rays do not dissappear. Skin cancer, increased energy bills, unusable back yards. Panels will crack and the photovoltaic cell chemicals will leach into well water. Storm water runoff will be altered for neighborhoods below a solar "farm" plant. Home values up to one mile away are decreased up to 7%. There should be a boundary of at least 600 to 800 feet from residential homes through out New York State! We are not guinea pigs! Our health and wefare should matter! We pay our taxes and work hard to pay our bills and maintain a home. We should matter to our representatives and this seems as though that it could be quickly and easily remedied.

Why is this important?

There are thousands of fields in NYS that solar development companies can use to install solar "farm" plants. They put them in your backyard because it is cheaper for them and they make more money at an incredible expense to our health and welfare-all approved by our government. If we don't matter at all in a situation like this, what will be next? This can happen to anyone and it needs to stop.


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